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Bruce Wilkinson, CSP
Give Change a Chance: 
Where There's Change There's Opportunity

Learning Objectives:  Good can come from change and not all change is easy, but change will come so we might as well give CHANGE A CHANCE.  Most people fear change because of the unknown, a change in their routine, job function, relationship or comfort zone.  And that's where their self-motivation, professional management and team leadership can make all the difference.    This will be a high energy, motivating and content filled presentation on how professionals can motivate both themselves and lead others in adapting to the opportunities of change for both personal and organizational success.

You will learn:

  • How to Give Change a Chance and  to UNDERSTAND, ADAPT to changing situations.
  • How managers and leaders can INSPIRE,  MOTIVATE,  PERSUADE and SELL team members on the organization's change management, vision and philosophy.
  • How to become COMFORTABLE being UNCOMFORTABLE in order to take advantage of change.
  • How to create a CULTURE and matching CLIMATE of diverse multi-generational change communication.
  • How to create an employee engagement ATMOSPHERE of education, recognition and inclusive up and DECISION MAKING, where empowered, SOLUTION-BASED input is encouraged at the first-line supervisor level.


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