Bruce's Presentation Promise to You

Here is what you can expect from Bruce S. Wilkinson before, during and after his presentation.

Before your event Bruce promises to...

Work with you (or your designees) to tailor his comments to your needs.
Understand what your organization does and who your customers are.
Understand his role and have a plan to accomplish your goals for this event.
Have knowledge of your meeting's theme or your organization mission/vision and relate his presentation to it.
Know why your attendees would want (or need) to hear what Bruce has to say on his topic.
Coordinate with a sampling of participants and/or leaders to ensure that his content is on target.
Provide you with any promotional materials, handout masters, photos, introduction, etc. before your communicated deadlines.

Upon his arrival Bruce promises…

Notify the designated representative of his arrival or any serious delays.
Be accessible to you from the time he arrives until he leaves, including attendance at any necessary functions to mingle with program attendees.
Be reasonable and considerate in his use of room charges and out-of-town incidental expenses.
Be in the meeting room for a second check and setup at least one hour before he presents.
Coordinate with the set-up crew and other presenters to make sure his needs and equipment fit overall needs.
Stay out of the way until it is his turn to present.
Study your audience and the other speakers to align his message with them (when appropriate).
Be dressed appropriately as agreed upon.
Provide an easy, written introduction and be available to coach his introducer.
Be in the room and visible to you even before his introduction begins.

During his presentation, Bruce will…

Walk on enthusiastically and open his presentation with energy and focus.
Always use appropriate language and material.
Interact constantly with the audience and involve them through questions, eye contact and fun responses as appropriate.
Present well-researched information that is memorable.
Use appropriate stories and humor throughout.
Use appropriate content and visuals (where necessary) to enhance the look, feel and impact of his presentation.
React maturely, good-naturedly and flexibly to any problems and/or concerns that may arise. This includes: audio visuals, lights, sounds, emergencies, etc. (don't worry - Bruce is quick on his feet and he will think of something.)
Always be polite and respectful to audience members (even if they are kidding each other.)
Allow for questions and comments from the audience during presentation (during workshops, training or breakouts only - not keynotes or after-dinner presentations.)
Summarize key points and give your attendees ways to remember these points.
Relate his points to your organization and people.
Never abuse his assignment by turning his presentation into a sales pitch.
Only mention his products if approved or requested in advance.
Stick to his time frame and make adjustments if needed.

Post presentation, Bruce will…

Be around briefly after his presentation to answer questions or listen to comments.
Check out and depart with minimal effort to you.
Itemize his expenses and bill you promptly after the event.
Provide receipts as needed.
Follow-up with requests from attendees.
Discuss with you strategies to continue the impact of his message during follow-up.
Keep confidential any sensitive information about your organization.
Accept personal phone calls or emails to follow up on the presentation from individual audience members or leaders.

Presentation Promise Summary:

In summary, if selected Bruce promises to deliver a professional, personalized, lighthearted and informative presentation that will not be forgotten!