Program Topics

“Just want to tell you what a great job you did serving as Master of Ceremonies - and in this particular case the word “master” certainly is appropriate.”

- Zig Ziglar

It's Common Sense Content That Counts!!!

Bruce S. Wilkinson, CSP is more than a professional speaker… he is a "trainer-trainer." His programs reinforce personalized content with enthusiasm, relatable stories and appropriate humor - but it is humor with a purpose! His unique style, passion and authenticity create rememberability and a call to action within the audience.


  • Living a Culture of Inspired Leadership, Team Member Engagement and Personal Responsibility. ™
  • Secrets of Influential Leadership – You Are the Message. ™
  • How to Inspire, Influence, Sell and Persuade: The Keys to Long-Term Leadership, Change and Organizational Success! ™
  • The Thermostat Leader: How to Inspire and Implement a Comfortable Team Culture and Climate to Achieve Personal and Organizational Success. ™
  • Attracting, Managing and Leading a Multi-Generational Workforce. ™
  • Positive Attitude, Lighthearted Leadership, a Little Fun and a Pinch of Change – The Recipe for Long Term Balanced Work/Life Success ™
  • Give Change a Chance - There’s Opportunity and It's Coming Anyway. ™
  • Smiling Faces, Lighthearted Leadership and a Dose of Hospitality – The Secret to Superior Service Success.
  • Balancing Life, Work, Family and Friends – You’ve Got to Have a Sense of Humor. ™
  • Going for the Gold in People, Service, Quality and Performance. ™
  • Making Safety a Personal Value – Not Just a Priority: The Key to Long Term Safety Success. ™
  • Redefining Safety Leadership & Accountability: Managing and Motivating Multi-Generational Employees to Make Safety Personal. ™
  • Implementing an Organizational Culture of World Class Valued-Safety and Personal Responsibility. ™
  • When it Comes to Selling Others - You Can’t Just Give it a Shot.™
  • Bringing Fun and a Positive Attitude Back to Work and Life. ™
  • The Art & Craft of Self-Motivation and Personal Success. ™

* Detailed program outlines as other well as information on organizational culture or theme presentations are sent upon request. Any of Bruce’s programs can be client personalized for use as convention keynotes/breakouts, organizational leadership training breakfast/lunch/dinner presentations, retreats, strategic planning, seminars/executive briefings or employee orientation/education programs. He can also partner with you as your event's enthusiastic and humorous Emcee.

For more detailed information regarding these programs/topics, please call Bruce Wilkinson or Julie Bourgeois at (985) 249-5234, or e-mail at

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