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Bruce Wilkinson, CSP

It's Common Sense Content That Counts!!!!!

Bruce S. Wilkinson, CSP is more than a professional speaker…he is a "trainer-tainer." His programs reinforce information with enthusiasm, stories and humor, but it is humor with a purpose! His unique style, passion and authenticity create rememberability within the audience.


  1. The Thermostat Leader: How to Inspire and Influence a Comfortable Team Culture and Climate to Achieve Personal and Organizational Success.™

  2. Implementing an In-House Brand: The Key to Long-Term Sales, Service and Business Success.

  3. Developing a culture of leadership, communication, pride, trust, teamwork and personal responsibility.™

  4. Building a Better Business: It's the Peoplework - Not the Paperwork!

  5. Something for Nothing: Dealing with the Entitlement Mentality.

  6. Going for the gold in people, service, quality and performance.™

  7. Each one leads one: the key to long-term leadership and team success.™

  8. Managing, motivating and leading a multi-generational workforce.™

  9. Market Leadership and Differentiation

  10. Give Change a Chance: Where There's Change There's Opportunity™

  11. Redefining leadership and communication in times of change.™

  12. You can't just give it a shot!™

  13. Making Safety a Personal Value - Not Just a Priority: The Key to Long-Term Safety Success

  14. Redefining safety leadership & accountability: Managing and motivating multi-generational employees to make safety personal.™

  15. Safety and the human factor: Taking personal responsibility for workplace safety.™

  16. Changing your attitude: Taking personal responsibility for behavior at work.™

  17. Balancing life, work, family and friends - You've got to have a sense of humor.™

  18. Bringing fun and a positive attitude back to work and life.™

  19. Keep it Positive: Moving from Surviving to Thriving.

  20. Self Motivation and Enthusiasm: the keys to long term future success.™

  21. Special Convention Specific Programs

  22. Implementing Conference Learning Back Home at Work.

* Detailed program outlines and information on other safety and substance abuse topics are sent upon request. Any of Bruce's programs can be client customized for use as convention keynotes/breakouts, leadership training breakfast/lunch/dinner presentations, retreats, seminars/briefings or employee orientation/education programs. He also may be utilized as your program's enthusiastic Master of Ceremonies.

For more detailed information regarding these
programs/topics, please call Bruce
Wilkinson or Julie Bourgeois at (985) 249-5234
or e-mail at SpeakPoint@aol.com

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