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Bruce Wilkinson, CSP

Bruce S. Wilkinson, CSP
Pre-Presentation Questionnaire

We need your assistance. This Pre-Presentation questionnaire has been designed to assist Bruce with the preparation and personalization of his program for your group. Would you please take a few minutes and give us the information that Bruce needs? You can fill it out here and press the send button or download it and fax/mail it. Additionally, we would also appreciate receiving any printed background information such as newsletters, employee booklets, service brochures, marketing material, annual reports, brochures, organizational culture, orientation information, sales/marketing philosophy, mission, vision, core values, etc.

Please return questionnaire to:
Julie Bourgeois
Wilkinson Seminars and Presentations (a division of Workplace Consultants, Inc.)
350 Emerald Forest Blvd.
Suite 24101
Covington, LA 70433
985-249-5234 Fax: 985-249-5235 E-Mail: SpeakPoint@aol.com
Please return by: 90 days prior to presentation

Email Address
Today's date:
Presentation date:
Presentation title:
Start time:
End time:
Any breaks?
What is on the program just before Bruce speaks?
What happens on the program right after Bruce speaks?

Meeting Conference/Goals and Professional Concerns

What is the purpose and/or theme of this meeting, conference, annual program, awards banquet, training program, etc?
What are the major goals of this meeting/program?
What is your organization's purpose, philosophy, specialty, market or product?
Who is your customer?
What are the biggest challenges/changes facing your industry and/or organization?
What are the biggest challenges/changes facing our audience/attendees?
What are you particularly proud of as an organization, industry, agency or institute?
Are there any major buzz words or technical terms Bruce should be aware of?
Are there any taboo topics, issues, or items that Bruce should be aware of?
Who is the most respected among your audience?
Does your organization have an employee assistance program (EAP)?

Approach to Bruce's Presentation

What main concept, piece of knowledge, or "how-to" do you want the attendees to retain as the result of this presentation?
How do you want the attendees to feel after hearing Bruce? (I.e., good about themselves, the organization, proud of their work, product, ready for change, etc.)
What action or behavior would you like your attendees to stop, continue, or begin as the result of Bruce's presentation?

Would you provide us with contact information for one or two key people from your group who will be in Bruce's audience? Bruce would like to contact them (with your permission) to gather additional information that may be valuable to his presentation.

Audience/Organization Profile
Estimated # of attendees:
Average education:
Percent of females attendees: %
Percent of males attendees: %
Average age and range:
Experience level:
Will spouses be attending?
Titles or positions of people attending:
Percent of managers attending: %
Dress code for Bruce (i.e., Business, business casual, etc.):
How are attendees paid (hourly, salaried, bonus, commission)?

What is the name and title of Bruce's introducer:

List the most important things Bruce should know about your attendees:

Is there anything else Bruce needs to know to be able to present the best program for your organization?

Travel Information
Location of presentation:
"No-Smoking" room confirmation number:
Phone # and address of hotel if different from location of presentation:
Closest airport to arrive at:
How will Bruce be transported from the airport to your site (taxi, limo, rental car, other)?
Pickup person's name:
Office Phone:
Home/emergency Phone:

When possible, please be sure to guarantee Bruce's reservations for late arrival and have the confirmation sent directly to our office. When possible, please arrange for direct billing for room and tax to you and Bruce will pay for incidental charges and bill you later.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

Julie Bourgeois
Client Services Coordinator

After filling out this form, please print this page for your own records and then click the button below.

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Bruce Wilkinson's Phone: 985-249-5234 or Fax: 985-249-5235 350 Emerald Forest Blvd., Suite 24101, Covington, LA 70433

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